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We're in the business of building a better you. While most aesthetic clinics offer only visual changes, we strive instead to heal or strengthen on a deeper level. It could be the inability to walk up the stairs with ease, a potentially life changing injury, or something as simple as hair loss. We offer solutions to any such issue, and would love to help heal you! See the list below for a quick description of our core services and check out the linked pages for more in-depth information, or contact us to discover your solution today. 

Discover your solution



Find yourself unable to lose fat in a key area? Injury preventing you from moving like you used to? Suffering from incontinence? The Emsclupt Neo allows for simultaneous fat reduction and muscle hypertrophy, while the Emsella is wholly dedicated to strengthening your pelvic floor.


Whether it stems from age or injury, if you have joint issues, muscle atrophy, poor skin quality, or even hair loss, we offer simple natural solutions that can allow your body to regrow and heal itself.


Long term pain is almost unavoidable, and treating it can be complicated. We provide innovative means of combating lasting pain, with solutions such as tissue regeneration, or dulling the sensation with laser treatments. Discover medication-free solutions today!

Our Services


Sexual Health

Sexual issues, such as ED for men, or the inability to orgasm for women, are very common, but they don't need to be. With our Alma Duo system, we help you get the satisfaction you deserve.


Skin Lesions

We can reduce or excise nearly any blemish with our energy systems. Benign or pre-cancerous lesions, skin tags, moles, warts, acne, and hypertrophic scars are just some of the lesions we can treat.


Younger Looking Skin

Avoid plastic surgery and opt instead for our laser and injectable procedures that can remove years of aging and improve the quality of your skin. We offer products that are biological stimulants for skin rejuvenation.

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